Reduce the consumption of energy, promote energy efficiency and increase the proportion of power and heat from low and zero carbon technologies.


Why take action?

Energy consumption and emissions at the local level are dependent on many factors: economic structure (industry/service oriented and nature of the activities), level of economic activity, population, density, characteristics of the building stock, usage and level of development of the various transport modes, citizens’ attitudes, climate etc. Some factors can be influenced in the short term (like citizens’ attitudes), while others can only be influenced in the medium or long term (energy performance of the building stock). It is useful to understand the influence of these parameters, how they vary in time, and identify upon which partners can act (in the short, medium and long term).  Dundee’s total energy usage in 2005 was estimated as 3,726,176 MWh and had reduced to 2,849,645 MWh by 2015. Just under three quarters of the energy consumed is used in buildings and over a quarter for transport.  

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