Discover how Dundee City Council and partners are taking action to tackle the climate emergency and are actively transforming our city.*

*The case studies below are not an extensive list of all the work happening across the city.

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Secure Residential Cycle Storage

A major barrier to people cycling is a lack of secure cycle storage - this most affects people living in flats with no space, or no way of getting a cycle upstairs. That’s why DCC is providing secure cycle storage, installing units all over Dundee.


Led by Creative Dundee, CULTIVATE is a regional project that brings together creative practitioners and community groups to explore climate justice in a practical and meaningful way.

Design of V&A Dundee

Designing and operating an environmentally conscious and sustainable museum for the 21st century. As Scotland’s design museum, tasked with showcasing the very best of design and creativity from around the world, the environmental credentials for V&A Dundee were a major part of the building’s design

NHS Tayside Energy Infrastructure Upgrade

Reducing NHS Tayside carbon emissions. The Health Board wished to make substantial upgrades to the infrastructure at Ninewells Hospital including a new Combined Heat & Power engine (CHP) and upgrades to associated plant and equipment, the chilling system, the building management system (BMS) and lighting. Perth Royal Infirmary benefited from lighting upgrades and other site improvements, with…

Douglas Community Park - a greenspace for the community by the community

DCSG aims to provide a diverse green space for the community of Douglas, where people of all ages can grow, play and enjoy in an attractive park that also works for the local community by draining excessive rainfall from the surrounding roofs and roads into the park, and away from the nearby Dighty Burn, preventing flooding. DCSG aims to provide a diverse green space for the community of Douglas…

The Wardrobe

The Wardrobe (by Transition Dundee CIC) aims to tackle clothing and textile waste, while reducing the stigma around second-hand clothing. Our new community space sells second-hand clothes to raise funds for our projects, whilst also running workshops and events that promote fabric crafts, repairing clothes and all things climate change. We also have a free section – this allows us to help those…

Dundee West End Community Fridge

Dundee West End Community Fridge aimed to reduce food waste from local shops and food businesses, whilst making that food accessible to absolutely anyone who could use it. It resulted in much more than just reduced food waste! The Fridge is open Mon-Sat, 11-2pm, and is a purpose-built structure on the very busy thoroughfare, Perth Road. We collect surplus food from supermarkets and other…

Dundee Science Centre Schools’ COP26 Legacy Visits

Dundee Science Centre hosted a COP26 Schools Week, with activities, demonstrations and challenges for over 1,000 primary four to seven pupils from 10 schools aimed at motivating local children to ‘do their bit’ and get involved.

Earth Hour 2022

Dundee joined global switch- off during WWF's Earth Hour. 

Chris Law - Zero Carbon Tour

Reducing carbon emissions with Chris Law MP from Dundee West captured as part of the Zero Carbon Tour.

Dundee Heritage Trust - Zero Carbon Tour

Reducing carbon emissions with Deirdre Robertson from Dundee Heritage Trust captured as part of the Zero Carbon Tour.

Dundee City Schools Recycling

Increasing recycling at Dundee City Schools.

Dundee Council Waste Reduction

Reducing waste and increasing recycling rates in Dundee City Council offices.

Moby The Whale

Reducing waste with with schools by creating a whale sculpture from reclaimed materials.

Decarbonising Dundee

Redeveloping the Regional Performance Centre for Sport at Caird Park, Dundee includes an innovative Low Carbon District Energy Hub that utilises surrounding green space to provide energy for the buildings on-site with potential for off-site supply.

Dundee Food Growing Strategy

Dundee City Council's Food Growing Strategy is empowering people to work together to make their neighbourhoods healthier, greener, happier and more resilient. Growing and eating fresh local food brings people together and reduces emissions long-term.

Creative Dundee - Reducing Waste

Reducing waste with Jade Anderson from Creative Dundee captured as part of the Zero Carbon Tour.

Dundee Coastal Flood Protection Scheme

The Dundee Coastal Flood Protection Scheme aims to protect a Dundee community by managing risks of flooding in the area.

Dundee Climate Emissions Modelling

Modelling Dundee's greenhouse gas emissions with ClimateView software.


Reducing carbon emissions with Rio Moore from Scrap Antics captured as part of the Zero Carbon Tour.

Dundee Climate Action Plan

The Dundee Climate Action Plan was co-designed by over 40 organisations and represents an important milestone in the city' transition to a net-zero future and catalyst for future co-operation in Dundee’s response to the climate emergency.

Dundee Celebrates COP26

Sustainable Dundee planned and delivered a city-wide programme of events to celebrate COP26 in Dundee and raise awareness of climate action.

Promotion of Fair Trade in Dundee, including links to sustainability & climate change

Dundee Fair Trade Forum wants to highlight the links between Fair Trade and climate justice, recognising the growing challenges that climate change is bringing to farmers in countries which have done the least to contribute to climate change but are disproportionately affected by it. The project aims to promote awareness and support for Fair Trade which ensures that producers in some of the…

Dundee LED Lantern Change Programme

LED lantern change programme changed in excess of 19,000 of the Councils street lighting lanterns from HID to LED to reduce the Council's energy use and carbon footprint for its street lighting stock.

Dundee Rapid Charging Hubs

Dundee City Council prioritises lowering emissions and improving city-wide air quality by building a network of rapid charging hubs 

Fully electric RCV's join the fleet!

Dundee City Council have welcomed six RCVs into their fleet of council vehicles in an effort to bring down emission levels within the city.

Princes Street Charging Hub

In 2018, Dundee City Council built the UK's first purpose-built electric vehicle charging hub to encourage the uptake of e-mobility.

Dundee: The EV City

Cutting transport emissions across Dundee by introducing low-carbon vehicles for fleet operations, staff travel and providing charging infrastructure for the city and wider region.

Dundee Eco Schools

Dundee City Council is supporting the cities schools on their Eco Schools journey, providing resources, support and organising engaging events.

Dundee EWI

Tackling fuel poverty and improving the energy efficiency of the hard to treat buildings through Home Energy Efficiency Programme Scotland – Area Based Schemes (HEEPS-ABS) programme in Dundee.

Green Health Partnership

Dundee's multi-award winning Green Health Partnership connects people to the outdoors for physical and mental health as well as social wellbeing.

Non Domestic Energy Efficiency Programme

Reducing carbon emissions and saving on fuel bill in Dundee City Council's non-domestic buildings through Energy Performance Contract (EnPC). Estimated annual reduction in carbon emissions (tonnes CO2 eq): 2,377 t

ReDiscover Dundee

Making cycling accessible through electric tricycles with ReDiscover Dundee, with a direct link from healthcare professionals via Green Health Prescriptions.

Dundee Naturalised Grasslands

Dundee City Council are committing to improving grassland management for biodiversity in parks and green spaces across the city.

Targeted Climate Adaptation For The Most Vulnerable

By using digital tools and resources such as the Place Standard Tool, ClimateView and Climate Just, Dundee City Council can identify where people are facing social deprivation and are most vulnerable to climate threats, for more targeted climate action.