Modelling Dundee's greenhouse gas emissions with ClimateView software.

Dundee City Council

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Addressed Challenges:

  • Carbon emissions
  • Tech & Innovation

Action Areas:

  • Energy
  • Built Environment
  • Transport

Initiative Purpose:

  • Mitigation

The Story

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Dundee City launched its Climate Action Plan in December 2019. We knew we had a target of Net Zero by 2045 or sooner and we knew that we had 64 actions agreed as well as national policies and strategies that would help us reach our targets, but we did not know how far these actions and strategies would take us on that path.

Using the Climate View Emissions modelling software and working with our partners in dedicated workshops, we could input all of our actions and all of the national and local data that we have available, to estimate how far each of the actions and strategies and policies would take us on our Net-Zero journey.

Not only can we visually and empirically demonstrate this but we can also use the tool to add future potential solutions and assess their impact on our target. Therefore we can aid understanding of the emissions profile in Dundee to help decision making for future investment in carbon reduction activities and innovation.

Advice for others looking to do something similar

Data does not need to 100% accurate to be useful in order to help with Net Zero planning.

Image Showing Dundee City Carbon Emissions from Climate View Software