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Urban ReLeaf, a city-wide citizen-science initiative in Dundee, engages the community to contribute their observations and perceptions of greenspaces across the city. By harnessing the collective input of citizens, the project strives to enhance the benefits derived from these greenspaces and ensure they cater to the diverse needs of the community. Join us in this endeavour to make a positive impact on our city – everyone in Dundee is encouraged to participate!

Why Is This Important?

Access To Greenspace

Spending time greenspace, such as parks, has been shown to have a range of benefits. These benefits include improved physical and mental health, support for child development and healthy aging, and improved sense of community and belonging.


Because spending time in good quality greenspace brings so many benefits to our lives, it is important that we ensure that everyone can do so regardless of where in Dundee they live.

Climate Resilience

Greenspaces also have a key role to play in helping Dundee adapt to the changing climate. Nature can be used in urban areas to help deal with flooding, rising temperatures, and to help provide habitats for animals that are being lost elsewhere.

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