What Is Climate Change?
Climate Change. The Basics link

What is Climate Change, where does it come from and how do we know that it's real?

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Your actions matter more than you might think! 

  • Spread the word – encourage your friends, family, colleagues to reduce their emissions 
  • Set an example for others - Our actions cause a ripple effect. As more and more people follow, changes happen 
  • One of the most effective personal actions you can take is switch your bank account to stop investing in the fossil fuel industry.
  • Join a local climate action group. Contact DCAN for more information: climateactiondundee@gmail.com 


What is sustainable living? 

Sustainable Living is a lifestyle that aims to minimise the use of the Earth's natural resources. The Earth's natural resources include food, water, plants and minerals. Living sustainably improves the quality of our lives, protects our ecosystem and preserves natural resources for future generations.  

There are many ways you can help the environment in your daily life. Big changes are needed, however all of the small actions add up to make a big difference, too. Find out how you can help by making simple lifestyles choices to reduce carbon emissions at home. 

Food link
Your food choices have a big impact on our planet. It's more important what you eat than you think!
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Transport link
There are many ways to travel without having a big carbon footprint
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Energy & Heating link
Take energy efficiency measures and use renewable energy to bring your costs and carbon footprint down
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Fast Fashion link
11% of all pollution comes from the fashion industry. Find out how to make a difference
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Reduce, Reuse, Recycle link
Information on local recycling & circular economy
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Water link
One of the most precious resources on earth. Let's save it!
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Resources link
There are lots of resources out there - time to explore!
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Retrofit your home on a budget link
Affordable ways to make your home more energy-efficient
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