Renewable Energy x Our Buildings

Buildings are designed to keep you safe and comfortable: warm when it’s cold outside, dry when it’s wet and sheltered when it’s stormy. As the climate changes, buildings may struggle to serve your needs.

As summers are getting hotter, we need to adapt our homes to help keep us cool. Likewise during winter, we need to keep the warm air in to keep us warm and keeps your energy bill down, while helping the planet.

Just as better roof and wall insulation and double-glazed windows keep warm air inside during winter, they keep it outside during summer. Shutters or blinds that block sunlight are a simple option for lowering indoor temperatures by keeping out even more heat. It even helps to paint roofs a light colour to better reflects the sun’s rays.

Most homes in Dundee are heated with gas boilers but have no equivalent system for cooling. Heat pumps can help. These machines are essentially refrigerators working backwards. Where a fridge sucks heat from its interior and disperses it through the coils on its back, a heat pump sucks the heat from the air (or ground) outside and transfers it to the inside of your house to keep you warm in winter. The process runs on electricity, so it does this without to using gas.

For summer, heat pumps can be programmed to work a reverse cycle, allowing them to pump cold water rather than hot water through the radiators to cool your house. This cooling cycle has to be built into the heat pump system when it’s installed.

The Home Energy Scotland offers funding to help you make your home more energy efficient and save money.


Top tips to save on your energy and heating bills

Energy Efficient Homes

  • Close your curtains at night to keep the house warm 

  • Optimal room temperature is 18-21°C, turning down the temperature, even 1°C makes a big difference to your bill and emissions. 

  • Draught-proof windows and doors to keep the warm air in 

  • Insulate your home: loft, wall cavity, water tank, pipes and radiators  

  • Check your EPC report for personalised suggestions for your home


  • Switch to a renewable energy tariff 

  • Install renewable energy such as Solar PV panels or heat pumps 

Lights & Co

  • Switch to LED bulbs - They last up to 25x longer than traditional bulbs and use 80% less power to provide the same light. 

  • Turn your lights off when you’re not using them 

  • Don’t use standby mode, unplug or switch off the plug instead 

  • Unplug your chargers when you're not using them

  • When buying new applicances check their energy rating


  • Only run full laundry loads 

  • Avoid the tumble dryer, air dry when possible 

  • Use the eco setting on your dishwasher and make sure it's full when you use it 

  • Only fill up the kettle with as much water as you need 

  • Use your microwave to reheat food 

  • Switch to an induction hob, they are more energy efficient and cook your dinner quicker!


  • Fit a water-efficient shower head: same water pressure but less hot water used 

  • Spend less time in the shower, aim for a 4 minute shower 

  • Swap your bath for a shower 

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