Ofgem imposes a maximum price an energy provider can charge its customers for electricity and gas as well as a maximum it is allowed to charge for its daily standing charges for both.

The amount you can be charged for depends on a few things, firstly what area or region you live in and secondly how you pay for your energy, i.e direct debit, pay as you go, or pay on receipt of bill. 

Below is a table of the maximum you can be charged for your energy in this region (Northern Scotland) and each payment method. If you are being charged more than these prices we would suggest contacting your energy provider for clarification in the first instance. Please remember you are charged a daily standing charge every day no matter if you use any gas or electric at all.


Pay by Direct Debit


Unit rate: 6.85p per kWh

Standing charge: 29.62p per day


Unit rate: 27.26p per kWh

Standing charge: 59.40p per day


Pay or Receipt of bill


Unit rate: 6.63p per kWh

Standing charge: 34.21p per day


Unit rate: 26.83p per kWh

Standing charge: 61.52p per day


Pre Payment


Unit rate: 7.21p per kWh

Standing charge: 34.99p per day


Unit rate: 28.70p per kWh

Standing charge: 66.38p per day

If you are looking for energy advice, support or finanical help, you can contact Dundee Energy Efficiency Advice Programme through Dundee City Council at: 01382 434840 or deeap@dundeecity.gov.uk