A major barrier to people cycling is a lack of secure cycle storage - this most affects people living in flats with no space, or no way of getting a cycle upstairs. That’s why DCC is providing secure cycle storage, installing units all over Dundee.

Dundee City Council

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Air pollution

Health & wellbeing

Carbon emissions

Greater fairness/ Just transition

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The Story

Cycling Shelter

One of the biggest barriers to people cycling in Dundee is a lack of secure cycle storage at people’s homes. This issue is most pronounced for people who live in flats and may have no space, or no way of getting a cycle upstairs. That’s why we’re working with Cyclehoop to provide secure on-street residential cycle storage, installing 40 of their Bikehangar units all over Dundee. This is an initial trial, and if successful, we hope to install further units in future.  

We chose locations based on a number of factors including housing type/density, demand, proximity to existing/planned cycle routes and 20mph zones, and deprivation levels. This is a similar approach to Edinburgh and Glasgow who also have these units, and are almost unable to keep up with demand! We are hoping for a similar level of interest in Dundee. 

They have a rack inside with 6 spaces for people to lock their cycles to, with each space available to rent for £11/year, plus a £25 refundable key deposit. We recognise that cost will be a significant barrier to some people who wish to use the units, so this is a heavily subsidised price, down from £72/year. This was made possible with support from Cycling Scotland who were equally keen to remove this barrier as far as possible.

Interested residents are able to visit the Cyclehoop website (linked on our webpage), where they can put in their postcode to search for and select a suitable hangar. If there are no suitable units nearby, you can go to the put in your postcode, and click on "Can’t find parking? Suggest a location" button on the bottom-left of the screen. We will use this data to inform the location of further units.

Success & Outcomes

We have just installed the units so are yet to see an outcome, but we will receive monthly updates from Cyclehoop on the occupancy of each unit, enabling us to monitor the uptake.


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