Support active and sustainable travel

Active Travel
  • Become a cycling friendly employer. Find out more  
  • Provide facilities that encourage employees to walk, cycle and wheel to work. This includes bike racks, showers facilities, changing rooms, lockers and heaters to dry wet clothes. 
  • Have pool bikes available. 
  • Offer cycling training to staff. 
  • Active Travel Funding Information can be found here

Top 10 Tips to decarbonise your fleet

Electric Cars

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Plan ahead

Create a Net Zero Transport Plan which outlines a strong asset management renewal programme which aligns with national climate targets. A good Asset Management Plan is key to the Net Zero Transport Plan.



Ensure employees i.e. car mechanics are adequately trained in how to repair and operate electric/hydrogen vehicles


Operational requirements

Clearly understand your vehicle assets operational requirements


Whole life cost comparisons

Undertake whole life cost comparisons, comparing Diesel/petrol vehicles against electric/hydrogen vehicles


Communications Plan

Create a comprehensive communications programme that aims to educate drivers on new green technologies



Local authorities must implement vehicle policies which support decarbonisation



Leadership within local authorities must drive forward the transition to net zero by promoting the synergies between greener transport and climate mitigation/adaptation measures



Teams at the heart of decarbonising fleets must be knowledgeable on the topic and be adaptable to change


Flexible Strategy

Flexibility within fleet strategies is key to decarbonisation as the technology within this sector changes rapidly


Environmental Commitments

Local authority must be committed to achieving set climate and environmental goals in order to support projects which are key to decarbonisation

All fleets have varying needs so every plan has to be tailored to a fleets particular services which affects the type/size/function of the vehicles needed.

Find support to promote active and sustainable travel

Way to Work is a one-stop shop for information on active and sustainable travel for Scottish workplaces. The website is dedicated to supporting businesses across Scotland to take action on greener and healthier travel.